Issue No. 19 - The Magic of Youth





    A preview from our Editor-in-Chief

    SPRING is here, and with it a fresh hope and a bounce in our step! For 2017, we decided to freshen up Darling with a new face. Inside you’ll find new paper—more glossy and vibrant—interactive elements such as perforated pages to tear out, writing exercises and challenges for us to be able to interact more together on social media. I know we each think of Darling like a friend we get to catch up with a few times a year (and have a really long deep talk with), and now with our new interactive elements, hopefully that friendship can have more dialogue, and more trust.

    The theme for this issue is “The Magic of Youth.” I noticed at the end of 2016, the majority of my friends were lamenting the year; saying how hard it was. So this year, I want us to practice seeing our days through the eyes of children—remembering what it’s like to believe in the impossible, to see with hope and to laugh from our gut.

    See below for my personal notes on a few standout features and visit our shop for an even more extensive look inside!

     –Sarah Dubbeldam

    INSIDE THE DREAMER | Essay about the Enneagram, an ancient form of personality test to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses and how you are at your best

    “Here are the basics: The Enneagram has categorized human behavior into nine types, and the theory is that we each emerge from childhood with one of these types dominating our personality. In other words, we are each born with a basic disposition, and this orientation determines how we interact and adapt during the formative years of our childhood. At its roots, the test attempts to clarify the relationship between essence and ego. In Ichazo’s words: “We have to distinguish between a man as he is in essence, and as he is in ego or personality.” –Kara Dykert

    INSIDE THE ACHIEVER | Article about the perspective of being a “Go-Getter

    “But our desire for achievement, for work we deem meaningful, is universal. Amidst elevator speeches, emails to answer and meals to plan, we crave a sense of tangible, countable success in our everyday lives. Sometimes the task at hand just doesn’t give us a feeling of immediate payoff, or even convince us that it’s an investment in the future. Watching the clock at a job or in a class we’re not satisfied by can chip away at seeing yourself as a go-getter.” –Melanie Loon, Executive Assistant at Darling Magazine


    INSIDE THE HOSTESS | Fascinating piece on the tie between how we behave at the dinner table and our character

    “I worked as a waitress for eight years. I’ve served hundreds of diners, and hosted many a guest with a smile on my face (some, while plotting their demise on the chef’s line). I loved watching how different families, couples, singles, executives and friends interacted. I also found myself baffled by people’s requests, and frankly, their rude, entitled, inconsiderate behavior. You know what? The table is telling.” –Ashley Abercrombie


    INSIDE THE INTELLECTUAL | Interview with actress America Ferrera

    “You know I think that we all do kind of get caught up in this feeling of, “people think I’m this so now it’s my job to maintain this image.” Or “oh no you know I’ve reached a peak, you know I have to stay here or I have to go higher, I have to prove something.” It’s really hard work to kind of grow past that and give yourself the permission to sort of let all of that go and not mean to you what it means to other people.” –America Ferrera


    INSIDE THE STYLIST | How-to on dressing for the job with a modern and cool twist

    “You should always keep your eye out for sales, and budget your time to jump on eBay or Etsy to find those deals on the must-have staples you’re looking for with a bit more quality. You’re going to have to learn to contain that smirk when people ask, “OMG, where did you get that?” Knowing that your Gucci tote cost less than a double-digit bill. If Alexa Chung has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to drop a small fortune to look good.” –Clarissa Harris


    INSIDE THE CONFIDANT | Essay about how technology is affecting modern love: Is it helping or hurting?

    “…Perhaps the most insidious of all, technology can foster laziness when it comes to maintaining and nurturing our relationships. We can quickly look to tech as a surrogate for keeping our relationships afloat and then fail to move them forward in meaningful ways. In-person interaction requires vulnerability and energy, as we must be fully present with our loved ones while allowing them to look deep into our souls.” –Halley Bock


    INSIDE THE BEAUTICIAN | A fun and inspiring photo shoot with quotes from over 16 models from Iconic Focus—a modeling agency that represents supermodels from the 60s, 70s, and 80s about beauty, aging and more.

    “I think it is so important for younger women to have a positive example of aging and to see it as something to look forward to. I get to say, “Ladies! This is what appreciation looks like for women our age. You’ve got so much to look forward to. Don’t worry.” –Tara Shannon, Age 61 (45 years as a model)


    INSIDE THE EXPLORER | Essay on new and exciting ways to travel and take risks

    “Pitch a tent on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, for example, or on the banks of the White River in Mount Rainier National Park, and spend your days hiking, exploring, or even just indulging in the Japanese art of “forest bathing,” where you simply revel in the verdant atmosphere that surrounds you.” -Mikki Brammer


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