BOWE x Darling Card Set–Thinking of You


Darling has collaborated with BOWE to create cards that are both simple and meaningful. While we often write down heartfelt words and hand them to others on special days, these were written with the hope that good words might be shared all along the way. This box of 12 unique cards covers the days that are hard, the days that are sweet, and the days when you might just need a friend to say I believe you can— keep going. Each one is a timeless way to remind people you are right there with them. 

  • Set of 12 cards and 12 envelopes
  • Comes in beautiful high-quality box
  • Printed on high-quality 80lb paper
  • Folded cards (A6) measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/4"

Phrases on Cards Include:

  • someone who loves you very much believes you can.
  • everything in time, keep going.
  • to say that i am proud doesn’t begin to cover it. you’re incredible.
  • waiting and wondering is some of the hardest work we do. i don’t know how long this place will last,but i’ll be with you in all of it.
  • how much longer—i don’t know. but, i am with you for all of it. until there is laughter that feels easy and days that feel light—i am right here.
  • there is no good way to prepare for this place, but somehow you are walking it well. with hope and bravery. until you get to the other side—know that i am there.
  • there are no good words to cover this place, but i am with you in all of it. take all the time you need. you are loved.
  • beauty is still here and joy still matters. i’m sending you a little of both in the middle of days that won’t seem to give. you are thought of and loved.
  • i don’t have a single answer, but i am here. whatever you need until you don’t anymore—i am here.
  • everything good and right and worth it takes time. trust these days. trust your steady steps. it is all adding up.
  • i think the entire world of you.
  • i always knew you could. well done.
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