BOWE x Darling Card Set–Friendship


Darling has collaborated with BOWE to create cards that are both simple and meaningful. While we often write down heartfelt words and hand them to others on special days, these were written with the hope that good words might be shared all along the way. This box contains 12 unique cards that can be sent to the friends who have shown up and helped and loved in ways that have made all the difference. Each one is a timeless way to remind someone that you care.

  • Set of 12 cards and 12 envelopes
  • Comes in beautiful high-quality box
  • Printed on high-quality 80lb paper
  • Folded cards measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/4"

Phrases on Cards Include:

  • the one who has listened and loved and cared and stayed—your friendship matters more to me than words could say.
  • your belief in me is the very thing that gave me the courage to try. thank you for believing in me when i was still unsure.
  • my days are better and more because of you.
  • safe and easy and trusted—with you i can rest. i dream bigger and laugh easier. to call you friend is one of the gifts of my life and i hope you always know it.
  • thank you for listening. you left me feeling seen and heard—and that is more than enough.
  • you’ve gathered my pieces when i’ve needed it. you have held on hand hoped and stayed. you have reminded me of my good—and i simply will never get over it.
  • thank you for going first. your willingness to be honest right here reminded me how important it is to share our lives just as they are with our closest few.
  • thank you for trusting me with the very thing that feels hardest here. i heard you and i love you.
  • to be loved at the bottom will change a person for good. you sat patiently without the need to fix or solve or shift a single thing—only loved. i will never forget it.
  • i am the most me when i am with you—and that really says it all.
  • one true friend is enough to change a life entirely—and you’re proof of it. from the inside out, i am better because of you.
  • to have a friend like you is an unfair advantage in days that are both beautiful and hard—and i know it. your love and your grace, my anchor. your joy and your ease,  my strength.

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