Issue No. 21- Balance



This issue's theme is Balance


Inside the Dreamer - “They are Keone and Mari.”

Keone and Mari Madrid spend time telling the truth about choreography, love, and what they look forward to achieving in the future (hint: it’s not just worldwide notoriety from World of Dance).


Inside the Achiever - “Girls. Boys. Ladies. Men.” by Courtney Seard

This compelling essay by a communications expert asks the question we seem to be ignoring; should it matter that professional women at the top of their field are called #Girlboss, and why?


Inside the Hostess - “Late Night Munchies” by Joy the Baker

3 mouth-watering recipes from one of our ultimate favourite chefs, authors, and general cake and donut connosuiers, blog queen Joy the Baker has us craving snacks all day and night.


Inside the Intellectual - “We Can Walk Together: The Gender Divide” by Ashley Abercrombie

One of our favourite writers speaks from personal experience and explains why the future is female…and that men are not only a vital part of that future, but we really do want them to be.


Inside the Stylist - “On my own Body” by Cassidy Boatright

Our own Visual Media Director gets real questioning the efficacy of lingerie advertisements aimed at men, and considers a new path forward in our perceptions of why we wear what we do under it all.


Inside the Confidant - “Lady Talk with Kathryn Hahn.”

Known for an incredible variety of roles in which we all have laughed or cried (or both) with her characters, Kathryn Hahn spent some time chatting with us about first loves, present passions, and why she always wanted to live in Little House on the Prairie.


Inside the Beautician - “Who Told You That?” by Kahu de Beer

A piece reflecting on the moments we were first criticised for our appearance and giving steps to change history.


Inside the Explorer - “Denmark; so Hygge” by Melanie Loon

A travel contemplation through the seaside and food articulation of peaceful, strong Denmark.

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