Issue No. 11 - SOLD OUT


Sold Out


Spring takes a fresh look at the concept of "Joy." Through brightly colored, energetic imagery, this issue seeks to celebrate art, color and beauty in its various forms -- from adorable portraits of children to 31 women, ages 13-93 photographed as their natural, true selves -- the visuals are tear-out-put-on-your-wall-worthy! Within the words throughout the stories, you will find topics ranging from encouragement to choose gratitude to how to not be "perfect;" from being a gracious houseguest to how to really be present; from balancing ego and self-esteem to idealism in relationships; from women in politics to managing money; from how to not be a drama queen to truly loving others. All in all, this issue is a perfect companion for the bright season of Spring.

In the Letter From The Editor:

Yet we must meet Joy again, for she knows no age, shows no discrimination and isnt bound to a particular space or time to enter our life. Like a grandmother who doesnt care what were wearing, how much money weve made, or how close we are toarriving,” she embraces us and says, “I know weve met before, dear; lets go for a walk each morning until we become soul sisters and my ways become yours again.”

Cover photograph by Kathryna Hancock

  • 170 pages exploring our 8 personas
  • Off-set printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA
  • Exclusive content only available in print

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