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  • 174 pages of exclusive, print-only content.
  • A collection of thought provoking, encouraging essays and original photography.
  • Zero retouching; our magazine features real women with real bodies.
  • A portion of proceeds will directly support IJM’s anti-trafficking work in the DR.
  • Offset printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA.


Our fall issue is finally here and just as with every issue, this one might be our favorite yet! This issue is about MYSTERY - embracing that this life is a big question mark, but that it’s worth the fight, that living authentically is always in style and that the hard questions are definitely the ones to ask.

In Darling Issue 13 you will find themes of:

  • All that lies unseen in us beneath the surface
  • The beauty in the unexpected
  • Vulnerability as the key to life
  • Choosing the hardest (yet best) paths
  • Being fearless In relationships
  • Empowering others around you 

May we leave behind the idea that the world must always feel familiar, that every moment must be explained, that the future must be told. Instead, let’s find the unknown irresistible, let’s sit in its silent, calming presence and be glad that we are never “lost,” but wandering with purpose, excited, free, expectant. 

Cover photograph by Carissa Gallo

Excerpt from The Letter From The Editor:

"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other." 
Charles Dickens 

 Like a heavy cape, dusk fell upon the sea of green—trees as old as grandfathers, vines and moss holding on for dear life, ferns perky and dainty as always. Like a new act in a play, the once lighthearted, sun-lit forest deepened into the darkest, richest hues of hunter, olive and pine, morphing from familiar forms into dark, mysterious shapes—like strangers in the night or the monsters of our youth. In the eerie stillness with only slivers of silver from the moon, our minds played tricks on us; branches brushed our legs ever so slightly with their fingertips, webs hit our faces like nets, and our skin crawled as though touched by spiders.  

In the wild mystery of night, our eyes strain to see, decipher and calculate beyond their ability; our hearts beat harder, pumping blood to our minds that imagine the most frightful of scenarios. In this place of blindness—literal or metaphorical—what we don’t know, what we can’t see, what we can’t understand or predict, becomes the enemy. Our human nature craves to leave no rock unturned, to have all explained, to know, to know, to know. In the unknowing, we curl inside ourselves like a cat and search for our flashlight, for we can’t rest long in this place of the unknown, of uncomfortable waiting. 

The truth is, every child has to overcome fear of the dark, but so does every adult. We must learn to see mystery not as a foe but through a lens of adventure—where courage is the only option, no matter the circumstance—as we choose to live fully awake, even in the dark, even in the questions ...

International Justice Mission Partnership: With every magazine you purchase, Darling Magazine will donate a portion of proceeds specifically for IJM's work being done to end sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic. We regularly share updates on our blog about the progress IJM is seeing in that country and we’re excited about the dedicated, compassionate pursuit of justice that this organization is spearheading worldwide. See the latest update here:

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