Q: Where will my order ship from?

A: All of our shipments are sent from our shipping department located in Dallas, Texas. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing.


Q: What is your returns & exchanges policy? 

A: You can find our Returns & Exchanges Policy by visiting this page.


Q: Where can I buy Darling near me?

A: To find a retail stockist near you, please check here.


Q: How do I update my mailing and/or billing information?

A: There are two ways to update your subscription information:

1. You can access and update your subscription(s) by visiting your customer portal link and logging in using either your email and password or renewal code and mailing zip code. You will find this information in the initial subscription confirmation email you received from subscription@darlingmagazine.org.

2. Email us at subscription@darlingmagazine.org with your new address and we can update your information. 


Q: I am subscriber, where do I access the Digital Library?

A: When you first became a subscriber, you should have received an order confirmation email that provided a link, password instructions and to access our digital library. If you are unable to find this email or need additional assistance regarding your digital downloads, please email us at subscription@darlingmagazine.org.

Visit our digital library at darlingmagazine.org/members and log in using your email and password, or your renewal code and mailing postal code.


Q: How do I cancel my quarterly subscription?

A: There are two ways to update your subscription information:

1. Using your customer portal link provided in your order confirmtation email every quarter, you can access and update your subscription(s). Once you have accessed your account, you can then cancel your quarterly recurring subscription from there.

 2. Email us at subscription@darlingmagazine.org and we are happy to make any updates for you.


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