Darling Creative Retreat | Nashville


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Darling is coming to Nashville! Join us for a once in a lifetime retreat centered around the theme of "The Power of Story.” We will be engaging in workshops and discussions that help us not only “own” our story—the ups and the downs—but also see the impact of our story on others. If you’re looking for a chance to slow down, introspect and leave with fresh vision and purpose for your life, this is the place for you. We will be enjoying three nights at the iconic Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast with organic, healthy meals by Urban Cowboy + “Darling Dinner” style dinners by Public House including live music from local artists.


Rising out of Pain and Loss (Two sessions)
Ruthie Lindsey, speaker and stylist out of Nashville, will be sharing her story of incredible pain and loss and how she has learned to live a rich, full and beautiful life despite debilitating chronic pain. She will speak about how she changed her life from living majority of her 20’s in bed and being completely defined by her loss and pain to using her pain in a purposeful way to connect with others. She will teach us how to create and experience all the joy and beauty in life on the deepest level! (@ruthielindsey)

Owning Your Life Purpose (Two sessions)
Sarah Dubbeldam, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Darling Magazine, will be sharing her life journey from her struggles with depression and anxiety to starting Darling—failing and picking it back up again—to her current reality of pioneering the #DarlingMovement. Interactive questions will follow her discussions surrounding the topic of using your experiences to hone your life purpose. (@ladydubbs)

Learning to Know Yourself (Two sessions)
Kara Elise, Speaker, Chef and Hostess, will be helping us explore what makes us tick, what inspires us and what drains us--all of which are important self-awareness pieces that enable us to fully operate out authenticity and a true self. It's a pretty common thing to think that who you are is normal—but the truth is, we are all wired SO differently! In this workshop she'll do an overview of a few basic personality assessments and learn a language of describing both who we are and WHY we are. We'll learn tools of understanding one another, tools of healthy conflict, allowing us to practice deeper and more meaningful relationships. (@bykaraelise)

Little Wildflower Workshop
Bonnie Kate was shot in the Colorado Batman shooting and has chosen to combat her personal pain from this tragedy through the beauty found in nature. This is not only a floral workshop, but an inspiring psychological exercise in finding the beauty hidden in plain sight and embracing whimsy and inciting wonder. (@bonniekatez)

Capturing your beauty (Photography Workshop)
Megan Cencula-Tutt (a photographer and creative director in Nashville/New York) will be sharing her story of overcoming addiction that ultimately led her to finding her true worth and building her business model around it. Now Megan uses that journey to serve those around her through photography. She will speak on believing and valuing and loving ones self and will finish with a photography workshop. She'll teach her tricks behind the camera and lead you through a session of portraiture to capture each woman's beauty.  (@mcencula)

(*Subject to slight changes)

5:00PM: Guests arrive at Urban Cowboy
7:00PM: “Darling Dinner” upon arrival with curated discussions by host
8:30PM: Evening Session 1: The Power of Story with Ruthie Lindsey
Music by Rebekah Karrenbrock

8:00AM: Optional Yoga
9:00AM: Breakfast
10:00AM: Morning Session 1: The Power of Personality with Kara Elise
12:00PM: Lunch
2:00-4:00PM: Afternoon Session 1: Owning your Story: Writing Exercise with Sarah Dubbeldam
4:00-6:00PM: Rest / Social time
7:00PM: “Darling Dinner” with curated discussions by hosts
Music by Amy Stroup
8:30PM: Evening Session 3: Finding the Good in Your Story: Ruthie Lindsey

8:00AM: Optional Yoga
9:00AM: Breakfast
10:00AM: Morning Session 2: Florals + Story with Bonnie Kate
12:00PM: Lunch
1:00PM: Field Trip to Nashville // Optional Photography Workshop
6:00PM: Wine Hour
7:00PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Evening Session 2: Overcoming Personal Obstacles with Sarah Dubbeldam


8:30AM: Breakfast
9:30AM: Morning Session 3: The Language of Self with Kara Elise
12:00PM Departure