Darling Embroidery Kit


Are you tired of scrolling on your phone or watching mindless television? This embroidery kit is a new way to give your brain a rest and create beauty with your hands. In a world where laundry feels endless and work piles up, this embroidery kit will give you the satisfaction of finishing something and seeing your progress. The kit has instructions and guidelines, but chart your own path and break the rules with different shapes or colors. You can keep the finished product as a reminder of your hard work or give away your work of art as a gift.

This kit includes:

  • A reusable wooden hoop
  • An embroidery guide sheet
  • Two needles
  • A thread card with labeled thread colors
  • Fabric with the guidelines for the design
  • Written instructions with basic embroidery tips 

Our team took about 7 hours to finish the sample. You may be a lot faster or a lot slower! You will need your own pair of scissors (not included). 

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