Issue 14 - Character
Issue 14 - Character
Issue 14 - Character
Issue 14 - Character
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Issue 14 - Character

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This issue's theme is Character taking the time to really think about what it is we stand for and making certain virtues, maybe those long forgotten, popular once again. In these pages you’ll find themes of leaving a legacy, prudence in decision-making, becoming a woman of commitment and finding beauty with age.

From Sarah Dubbeldam’s Letter from the Editor: “However, what’s most important is becoming a pillar, a woman who is the same even when nobody is watching — one that holds an inner compass that guides them in every decision — who desires more than anything to be good, true and right."



Not in the Mood by Alyce Youngblood

Options that may help your mood and find the balance between our different energies.


It Just Feels Magical: Uzo Aduba by Sarah Dubbeldam

A feature interview with two-time Primetime Emmy winning actress Uzo Aduba on identifying her passion and how she wholeheartedly pursues it.


The Minimalist Palette by Hilary Robertson

Rules on how to apply minimalism to a home and balancing color and the art of juxtaposition.



iJustine: Girls Can Play Too by Sarah Dubbeldam

An interview with Youtuber, iJustine, discussing her views on how digital media is shaping our culture, the role technology plays in her life, and what she foresees in her future as a digital entrepreneur.


Style Saint by Allison Beal

An essay on conscious consumerism and how Allison was driven by sustainable design. 


Every Day, One Day at a Time, it is a Choice by Tracy Le

An examination of what commitment looks like in a relationship and what it takes to build trust and go beyond yourself for the sake of another.


Lizzie Velasquez: A Truly Brave Heart by Tracy Le An intimate interview with Lizzie Velasquez.

Through her truly inspiring story of overcoming extreme online bullying, she shares with us about the power of our words and how focusing on the good can really change lives. Beauty Times Ten: The Pro-Age Movement by Cindy Joseph with Sarah Dubbeldam A piece centered on moving culture from an “anti-aging” to a “pro-aging” mentality. Hear from makeup artist turned supermodel Cindy Joseph and her experiences entering the industry at forty-nine, and how she came to create her own line of pro-age cosmetics. And so much more! Cover photograph by Frank Terry


Paris (Enough Said) by Tracy Le

Tracy Le shares her story on how she traveled to Paris and what she discovered.

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