Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
Issue 17 - Time
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Issue 17 - Time


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Darling Issue 17 looks at the power of time - how we can hold onto it, harness it and intentionally live within its constraints in a beautiful, free-flowing and efficient way that gives us the courage to powerfully live out our significant story that we have the privilege of telling before the world.



A sensitive, creative soul by Emily Kinney

WHAT KEEPS ME ALIVE: I saw something so brief and beautiful. Something much like the way the wind will move a tree branch and suddenly the sun cuts through and lights up a dull patch of sidewalk. And makes it sparkle and glow. I can’t forget it. In perfect patience, I am waiting to catch another glimpse of glitter. I think what I saw might be Love. I think that the waiting is called Hope. Love and Hope are keeping me alive.


Interview with Lily Singh

There seem to be endless channels and new personalities to watch on YouTube these days, but there is only one "superwoman" whose vlogs seamlessly flow between spoofing the female Friday night dress-up ritual and talking sense on the confidence, success, and living without comparison. Lily Singh, with her determination and boundless creative energy, has our attention.


The Masculine cohabitation by Scott Purcell from Man of Many

Hello, ladies. I write for an Australian-based website called Man of Many. We cover everything from gear to style to travel to dining, primarily from a male perspective for a male audience. I was asked by the lovely folks at Darling to write about “cohabitation with the male species,” and I’m delighted to partake if only to get away from our impossible demographic for a while. THE INTELLECTUAL Interview with Susan Stamberg There's only woman who has been deemed the "founding mother of Nation Public Radio," The first woman to anchor a nightly national news broadcast, who was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame AND Radio Hall of Fame, Who has interviewed ( in her own words) "everyone but J.D Salinger and the Pope". We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions about her view on news, history, and the American public and more.


Behind the modeling curtain by Jennie Runk

DIVERSITY IS BEAUTY: Though our jobs may be different, my life is like many of yours—complicated, filled with uncertainties, drama, happiness, irritation, and love. And like many employers, the fashion industry has good and bad qualities to navigate. As a woman, I am proud to be part of the body positivity movement, and as a plus-size model, I feel a responsibility to be a part of the movement toward body diversity in fashion. In the past 14 years, between my own confidence in my body and the changes in the industry as a whole, I’ve seen a tremendous change for the better.


Interview with Kathy Bates

There are so many words that spring to mind when the name Kathy Bates comes up. Actress. Spokeswoman. Oscar winner. Legend. Yet what materialized quickly once we began to talk with her is that this woman is deeply kind. Bates is not concerned only with herself- either her sorrows or triumphs- but rather with the world around her and those that she has chosen to see, hear and know.


Growing up Pretty by Alyson R. Quinn

Your physical beauty is a gift. Sadly, we have allowed people to turn beauty, especially female beauty, into a commodity to be bought and sold. Attractiveness has been cheapened and twisted. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still revel in the gift you have been given. When people stop me on the street and comment on your eyes, they are doing it because God made you a masterpiece. Like a sunrise, you give other people a sense of wonder just by smiling your smile. Don't stop just because some people abuse the gift.


Interview with Elizabeth Olsen, Alanna, and Jennifer Tynan with

The Latitude Project Aside from the geographic definition of the word "Latitude" ( the position of a point on the earth's surface), "Latitude" also refers to one's freedom from restriction - which is exactly what The Latitude Project is all about. Founded by two sisters, Alanna and Jennifer Tynan from Nelson, British Columbia, this nonprofit is one we want to celebrate because they truly understand that basic needs transcend physical borders. They are working to create tangible change for those in need in Latin America.


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