Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
Issue 23 - Imagination
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Issue 23 - Imagination

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This issue's theme is Imagination— a powerful tool, a portal for dreaming of all that is alternative, idealistic and pure. In an attempt to contain our anxiety around the many “unknowns” and serious issues that affect us personally, we’ve found our imagination to be more than a neutral place of sparking ideas, but having the dexterity to cast doubt, arouse fear and tell tragedies that haven’t yet happened. It’s something sacred to protect. In this issue, we want that “What If?” to spark even greater beauty in your minds’ eye this spring.



Just Imagine by Amanda Cook

This article explores ways to redeem imagination—that space where thoughts can live and breathe—and offers hope that where we struggle with anxiety, we can find new ways to love ourselves and seek freedom from despair.


Focus by Curt Steinhorst

Author and specialist Curt Steinhorst counters the current trends to multi-task with a well-researched and deliberate argument for bringing more focus and intentionality to fewer tasks.


I Can’t Cook by Candace Nelson Chef

Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Candace Nelson of Sprinkles and Pizzana, writes a compelling article on how cooking doesn’t need to be as frightening or perfect as we fear, and offers tips on the essentials of how to get started.


Interview with Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira talks to us about her passion for both theatre and film, allowing African women to tell their stories, and reveals some of the how and why behind her role as the fearsome warrior, Okoye, in Black Panther.


To Adore, To Adorn by Kahu De Beer

This persuasive essay argues for why it isn’t wrong for women to enjoy dressing with style, and encourage the stylist at heart that what she is doing can be a method of real self-love and affirmation.


Dear Jess with Guest Editor Jess Weiner

In the first of our new series, Activist, Businesswoman, and Change-maker Jess Weiner answers questions sent by our Darling community surrounding work, womanhood, and self-acceptance.


Body as Home by Amanda Crew

Actress and leader in the conversation around body issues Amanda Crew writes the story on why she began to speak out about her past, present, and future in her own body, and why we need to refrain from judgment of one another in the process.


Women Wage Peace by Orna Raz

Written by one of the leads in the movement, this exposé tells the story of phenomena of women from both sides of the conflict in Palestine and Israel marching to believe in peace in their region. A movement rooted strongly in the conviction that the mothers of the community have both the capacity and the responsibility to stand for peace.


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