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Sold Out


So much is happening with the Darling Movement that we were inspired to center this new issue around the idea of a “SPARK”.  What we mean is, there are times to sit and think, to hold back, to wait, and there are times to green light, to jump, to turn our backs on fear and just go for it. 

That’s the spirit of this issue. 

You’ll read about anything from embracing our uniqueness in a sea of humanity to finding a purpose, to taking action even if it feels too late, to overcoming hard times and coming to a place of life again and seeking a deeper meaning in even the simplest of acts. The articles are timely and sincere and have been sparking conversation among our staff and at our Darling Dinners. Our cover was shot in South Africa, and there is something about the warm, deep amber colored light that we just had to carry through the whole issue. All in all, you need these words and beautiful visuals in your life, they hold the love and motivation you want and crave during this season of adventure. 

Excerpt from the Letter From The Editor:

There is something about fire that we desire to dwell in our bones, in our hearts. An engine that keeps us going, a strength that keeps us believing and a passion that wakes us up from the mundane. We remember our need for it when certain moments seem to strike like matches against our very souls—those split seconds after we jumped and heard our parachute inflate, the time we opened our lips and let long-held words finally escape, or when we felt our will let go of its controlling grip on our life. These tiny sparks explode into raging fires if we let them, filling our hearts with the conviction to change, the desire to act, the will to reframe our thinking.

Cover photograph by Colette de Barros

  • 170 pages exploring our 8 personas
  • Off-set printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA
  • Exclusive content only available in print
  • Sold out

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