Issue No. 15 - SOLD OUT


Sold Out

Read well, read often, and consume what is good. Finally, a magazine that makes you feel loved, not less.

  • 174 pages of exclusive, print-only content.
  • A collection of thought provoking, encouraging essays and original photography.
  • Zero retouching; our magazine features real women with real bodies.
  • A portion of proceeds will directly support IJM’s anti-trafficking work in the DR.
  • Offset printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA.


We’ve been fired up at Darling lately about the amount of women rising up in the world to create real change, which reflects the theme of this issue: Fierceness. Spring is the exact time of year to truly wake up, to realize our power, to be assertive, to let the sails go full force. In these pages you’ll find inspiring interviews, bright and bold photography (our cover and cover story was shot in Milan, Italy!) and deep essays that will really challenge your status quo.

From Sarah Dubbeldam’s Letter from the Editor:

“There are too many things in the world that need the touch of women—those that only our psyche can solve, that only her touch can heal, that only her intuition can decipher … may we open our eyes wider, not letting ourselves nod off to sleep, because honestly, we all must keep one another awake to the full if we are going to really leave impressions in the ground where we’ve walked.”

Also, you’ll notice a new change in this issue—advertisements! Don’t freak out, we aren’t becoming a glossy mag [smile]. This was a congruent choice with the message of being fierce. Darling has a lot of work to do in this world, and in order to grow, to spread our message more, to do more good, we’ve realized we need to partner with other brands. We promise, they will always be pretty, and things you’ll like, because we like them!

In Darling Issue 15 you will find:

  • Inside The Achiever A piece on assertiveness about how to make yourself visible and credible as a woman without coming across as pushy.
  • Inside The Stylist An intimate interview with Rosanne Stuart, mother of Madeline Stuart, the first professional model with Down syndrome. She is a beautiful voice of truth reminding us that we are all equal, that everyone should have equal opportunity in life and that the level of society’s comfort with disability can and should change.
  • Inside The Confidant | An interview with Joanna Gaines, star of the hit show, “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. She talks with us about purpose, self-confidence and the risk of making someone’s day. 
  • Inside The Beautician A feature on Dulce Candy Ruiz, Youtube star and inspiration for her time spent in the Army, her vulnerability about her struggles with depression and low self-esteem and aspirational views on true beauty.

Cover photograph by Alberto Zanetti

International Justice Mission Partnership: With every magazine you purchase, Darling Magazine will donate a portion of proceeds specifically for IJM's work being done to end sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic. We regularly share updates on our blog about the progress IJM is seeing in that country and we’re excited about the dedicated, compassionate pursuit of justice that this organization is spearheading worldwide. See the latest update here:

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