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Meet our first maker, Alissa Bell.

We are excited to officially launch our Darling collaboration with her through her letter press company, Alissa Bell Press. She has created an exclusive pack of eight letter pressed note cards, one for each Darling Persona.

(Details: 8 folded greeting cards and envelopes, 118# cotton paper, 4bar, 3.5"x 4.875" with custom envelope liners, 1-color letterpress)

What's most surprising to us about Alissa's story is that before pursuing her passion, she first worked as a public accountant. Take a moment to dive deeper and read our interview below with the woman behind the maker and the product she designed and developed for you, the Darling reader.




Before we get into it, how do you start your mornings?

My husband always wakes up first to walk our dog, Henry. When they get back Henry always runs to my side of the bed to see me.  It’s a sweet way to wake up.  We usually make breakfast and coffee together.  I always check my email, the news, Instagram and make a mental list of the first things that need to be done that day.  Then Henry and I head out to the studio.

What did you do before you became a letterpress printer?

I worked as a public accountant. I makes sense though.  

When did you first start your business and where did the name come from? 

Preparations began in 2011 and I officially got started in 2012.  I worked part time in retail until I was able to transition to a full time crazy paper lady in mid-2013. I threw around a lot of press shop names… but always came back to Alissa Bell, my name.  It felt and still feels natural especially because the business is an extension of me.  I also knew that one day I would take my husband’s name so selfishly I wanted a reason to keep my maiden name around.  

What are your influences for creating and your resources for inspiration?

I am definitely influenced by my technical background as an accountant.  I find myself drawn to create clean, linear, and geometric designs.  My resources for inspiration include nature, trips home to California’s central coast, and my daily discoveries living in and around Downtown LA.  I love finding ways to combine soft, natural elements with more linear or abrupt details. 

In one word, or three, how would you describe your craft?

Attention to detail. 

Tell us, what is it about Darling that you feel relates to your brand?

I feel both brands are an exploration of a smart and strong woman who don’t have to give up their femininity to do so.  They aren’t mutually exclusive.  I believe that is something to be celebrated.  

To all of those who want to start their own business, what advice would you give?

Have patience. Enjoy being alone. Take Meyers Briggs. If you’ve got an “I”, you’re one step closer.

Lastly, how would you define what success means to you?

Being able to shape your job around your life, rather than the other way around. I love the ability to take a morning for myself or to shift the hours I work in order to be present with my husband or family.  That is the success I’m seeking daily.  

For more about Alissa and her letterpress visit or follow her at @alissabell.

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