Issue No. 17 - Time

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Issue 17 looks at the power of time in our lives. How we can hold onto it, harness it and intentionally live within its constraints in a beautiful, free-flowing and efficient way that gives us the courage to powerfully live out our significant story that we have the privilege of telling before the world.


    • Darling’s fall cover model talks about the reality of working as a plus size model
    • Interview with YouTube sensation Lilly Singh about her new venture, #GirlLove and more
    • Discussion on regret and how to move forward with intention
    • Intimate interview with Kathy Bates about her battles with cancer in light of her career and aspirations
    • Interview with actress Elizabeth Olsen and The Latitude Project founders
    • Practical advice on how to deal with abundance vs. lack of money
    • Interview with Susan Stamberg, co-host of NPR’s “All Things Considered” and deemed the “Founding Mother of National Public Radio” and co-host
    • Discussion on our personal rights to publish and our effect on our social media community
    • Honest thoughts on how we view our own appearance and our habitual thoughts about beauty
    • Actress Emily Kinney writes about having a sensitive and creative soul
    • Fashion story about the history of “street style” and how to form your own form of it
    • Interview with Lia Halloran (Professor of Art) and Kip Thorne (renowned astrophysicist) about their work together on the movie “Interstellar”
    • Interview with Nicole Richie about her new venture for women, Pearl xChange and more
    • Travel story on Japan
    • How to engage politics at a deeper level as a woman
    • Advice on how to “start again” after the failure of a dream or project
    • Actress Constance Wu writes about pursuing art and wholeness as a woman
    • Thoughts on the language we use around “pretty” when raising daughters
    • 4 recipes with a “slow” vs. “fast” cooking method
    • Glitter Guide founder Taylor Sterling gives tips on throwing a unique party involving vintage books
    • Challenging thoughts on the level of intimacy that social media can and can’t provide
    • Design tips for a rental home and how to have a green thumb with indoor plants
    • Interview with Joyce Lee, head of design at Madewell
    • How to use sarcasm in the right context and tips on dealing with potential “enemies” in our lives

    Finally, a magazine that makes you feel loved, not less.

    • 174 pages of exclusive, print-only content.
    • A collection of thought provoking, encouraging essays and original photography.
    • Zero retouching; our magazine features real women with real bodies.
    • A portion of proceeds will directly support IJM’s anti-trafficking work in the DR.
    • Offset printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA.


    International Justice Mission Partnership: With every magazine you purchase, Darling Magazine will donate a portion of proceeds specifically for IJM's work being done to end sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic. We regularly share updates on our blog about the progress IJM is seeing in that country and we’re excited about the dedicated, compassionate pursuit of justice that this organization is spearheading worldwide. See the latest update here:

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